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Portable computer monitor review for travel


Although I own a docking station with monitors at both my workplace and home office, I needed a solution that offered flexibility and convenience for various situations. Upon discovering the InnoView monitor on sale on Amazon, I decided to try out portable monitors. My criteria were simple: it had to be easy to transport, lightweight for travel, versatile enough for art and media displays at events, and budget-friendly. The InnoView monitor ticked all the boxes.

The unboxing and review video above was created when I first received this portable computer screen and conducted some initial tests. However, I’m writing this review after using it as a secondary monitor for an entire work week, plus occasional one-off days.

During the week I used it exclusively, working at the kitchen table to accommodate my husband, who was using the office for online live teaching. Setting up and packing up quickly each day was essential. The most challenging part was figuring out how to turn the case into a stand, which I eventually resolved by watching a video on their website. Once set up, it seamlessly worked with my laptop within a minute.

One crucial aspect to mention is battery usage. In a pinch, you can power the monitor directly from your laptop, reducing cable clutter. However, this option significantly drains your laptop’s battery. I experienced a rapid drop from 100% to shutting down in less than two hours. I found it more practical to plug in both the computer and monitor for extended use. I recommend this especially when using the monitor with an iPad or phone, as it keeps the monitor powered and charges the device simultaneously.

Speaking of display quality, this unit delivers impressive results, surpassing the quality of my laptop’s built-in monitor. To maintain this high quality, I often had to keep the portable monitor at nearly full brightness in well-lit rooms, which did decrease my laptop’s battery life. This monitor would not do well in direct sunlight.

Now, let’s discuss weight. The monitor itself weighs approximately 1.6 pounds, as stated on the website, placing it between the weight of my iPad in its case and my 13″ laptop. The case doesn’t significantly add to the weight and is crucial for protecting the screen during travel. It also has a professional appearance, suitable for trade shows and demonstrations.

As a bonus, the speakers built into this monitor exceeded my expectations, although I mainly used headphones for meetings due to feedback concerns. It’s worth noting that the monitor includes a headphone jack, which is convenient for devices lacking one (I’m looking at you, iPhone).

Getting this portable monitor was a much better alternative to lugging my entire workstation around or going without. Even if you don’t go with this brand, I’d recommend them to any traveller or student.

(I did not get paid in any way to write this review.)