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Missouri Renaissance Festival brings summer fun


In the middle of Missouri, a touch of European history is a great bit of fun. The Central Missouri Renaissance Festival is a great place to spend a day with the kids, or significant other, or both.

Not too far off the highway, you’ll quickly go back in time as the road goes from paved, to gravel, to dirt. You can’t miss the castle wall on your way in. There’s all sorts of stage acts, demonstrations, mock battles, and people generally having a good time. Some people dress up in period-like costumes for the event, to add to the fun. You’ll be perfectly welcome in a t-shirt and jeans as well.

There are several crafters working on designs and demonstrating their skill. Here Jason Sinco finishes up a project. He also makes chairs and a variety of other useful objects for the event itself.

Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

Visit the wares of various tents. Some tents are purely educational, like the king and Queen’s tent. Others sell bows, swords, clothes, and other handmade crafts. Different weekends have different themes, events, and vendors. Make sure you look up all the weekends beforehand to pick the ones you want.

Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

Some festival areas are setup for kid’s craft projects, and sometimes they let parents try a crafty hand as well. Below, I’m making a leather strap that attaches to your belt and holds your cup (or other light object).

Mel. Crafting

Local musicians, novelty acts, and dance troupes create a relaxing atmosphere while you grab a snack nearby. There’s a mock tower for kids to climb around in while you relax.

Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

Check out various combat events. There’s usually people sparing on the field, even when nothing is scheduled. You might even join in a mock fight. Horses are stabled nearby, if you’d like to say hi.

Central Missouri Renaissance Festival horse

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