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Intoductory Post


For my first post I thought I’d introduce myself and the blog.

I’m an educator by profession. I speak on photography, Photoshop and other design tools. I enjoy helping people create more than anything. Seeing that ‘aha!’ moment on someone’s face in class, or getting a great thank you email, gets me up in the morning when the chill wraps around the house in the winter.

This blog will focus on art education and travel. I won’t just talk about where I go and what I see. I’ll have how-to articles, video tutorials, reviews, walk-throughs of apps and tools, and whatever else you need to learn.

doctor whoIf you want to support my blog habit, or just want me to keep doing it, click on any affiliate link on the page and buy something. That’s the only money I make from this blog.

If you’re wondering what the image is, it’s Doctor Who (5th). He is introducing himself to the world in this scene, so it seemed appropriate. This is also a very early drawing of mine, so that fits the theme of beginnings as well.