The Little Plastic Angel Book Illustrations

The Little Plastic Angel is a children’s book I illustrated with a Christmas theme.

The original illustrator created rough sketches, but was unable to continue. I was asked to join on and complete the project. My part was to turn the rough sketches into final imagery and do page layout for printing. We finished it just in time for the Christmas season.

A couple sketches wouldn’t work for the project. The illustration below is one of two I needed to create from scratch.

I started out by bringing the original sketches into Adobe Draw on the iPad, when I had one. I added basic color and outlines there. Shading was added in Photoshop. I created my watercolor backgrounds in Adobe Sketch, on the iPad, and then integrated them into the Photoshop file.

Here’s the initial sketch and most of the progression. The process shown is very similar to the process for the others in the book.

Final layout for the book was completed in Adobe InDesign. The book is for slightly older children. There are pictures on most pages, but they never fill the page. Here’s the cover. 

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